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Munor says welcome

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Welcome to Munor’s brand new website!

We have high hopes for the website and are so grateful for all the help we have received from the Melvær & co. design agency. On the photographs page, we have some fantastic images taken by Haakon Nordvik, whilst Haugesund Airport let us use their runway on a cold November day in 2020. We have put a lot of time and effort into developing this site, so we hope that it will be well received and informative for everyone.

Planning the programme has also been incredibly tricky, and it is not certain that we will be able to do everything as planned. We will try to announce any changes in the best way possible as soon as we know about them. We are pushing on with a healthy dose of courage and are counting on a good spring season!

Greetings from Ingvar Frøyland, Board Leader

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H. C. Anderson once said, “Where words fail, music speaks”.  My hope for 2021 is that MUNOR’s music will get many an opportunity to speak to us and to tug at our heartstrings. For many people, music is one of those milestones marking important stages in life, be they happy or sad.. Though this year may have also started with a focus on coronavirus and isolation, I hope that we will gradually return to normality in 2021 and am looking forward to a wonderful year of live music in concert halls and on stages across Haugaland.

The Regional Musicians of North Rogaland was founded in 1981. The group was reorganised in 2007, resulting in its current format as MUNOR Musikkselskapet Nordvegen AS. 2021 therefore marks the 40th anniversary of this association of musicians. We will be commemorating with a special celebration in the autumn. In December, the Board adopted its strategy for the next few years. We will continue to promote our vision for MUNOR: “Classical Music for Everyone”. With its chamber music, the Ensemble will create something unique for us by lifting classical music out of the past and recreating it for our senses in the modern age. With our talented professional musicians, I know that MUNOR will give us the wonderful, innovative experiences we are all hoping for.
Get ready for MUNOR 2021, have fun, come to our concerts and let the music ring out in your soul on the way home!

New program booklet for spring 2021

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Munor’s brand new program booklet has just been completed. Follow the link and read about what is on the program throughout the spring as it is set up in the program booklet.

Munors programhefte våren 2021

The printed program is posted in many public places in our area


Ready for new photos

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The last time we were having a photoshoot was in Kvalsvik outside Haugesund in 2019. The result was a lot of great photos taken by the photographer we have used a lot, Haakon Nordvik. We have used these images very much, so we thought it was appropriate to renew the image selection, especially with this new website in mind.

After many ideas back and forth, the proposal for Haugesund Airport appeared. They were so welcoming to have us even out on the runway! And we also got a grand piano there, Per Klavér took care of that. Here from grand piano transport on a runway, rare occurrence. We are very happy to have been allowed to carry out this photoshoot.

Munor’s Piano Trio

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One of the most used ensembles within Munor is Munor’s piano trio. It consists of Almuth Chylek (violin), Tobias Tellmann (cello) and Marina Johansson (piano)

The photographer in action

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Here, photographer Haakon Nordvik is in full swing with runway photography. Cool to be able to use such an environment, a very special location. Many of the pictures from this series can be found on the website